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Technology White Papers

What is a White Paper?

Cloud white papers are technical documents that dive deeply into a particular topic. While they can be used to sell products, their focus is on providing information that, ideally, only the business has. White papers are longer than the average report and are full of statistics, methods, and conclusions about a problem in the industry. Thus, they aren’t trivial to make.

Creating a white paper is much like a science experiment. You start with an interesting question, talk about how you solved it, show what the results were, and then discuss the implications of those results. Technology companies often have large data sets that they can use to come up with answers to complicated questions, but every company has collective business experience that can be drawn upon to create a white paper.

White Papers Drive Revenue

A well-written white paper can do more than just drive leads. It can increase revenue. Many technology companies sell their white papers to the public or to interested people in their niche. 2017 State of B2B Digital Marketing report said that white papers drove more revenue than webinars.

Also, their survey showed that 73% of companies use white papers as part of their overall strategy and 53% of the companies said white papers drove leads, the highest out of all the content types. Clearly, a white paper can be just the thing your company needs to get to the next level.

Aren’t Blogs Easier?

Blogs, social media, and email may get the lion’s share of marketing attention, but white papers are the hidden lead driver in many technology companies:

  • According to the Content Marketing Institute’s 2017 B2B Content Marketing report, 38% of the surveyed companies believe they are the most critical part of their content marketing strategy.
  • In another report from Eccolo in 2015, they discovered that technology buyers read the same amount of white papers and emails, but white papers weighed more than double in the final purchasing decision. Also, half of the respondents read a white paper as part of their purchasing decision.

Our company assists other technology companies in creating impactful white papers that are good enough to sell on their own. If you aren’t taking advantage of white papers you aren’t just missing leads, but also a potential revenue stream. For more information on how we can help, please fill out the contact form.